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Stevie loved, loved, loved the peach cobbler. It was a hit. Amazingly delicious. You must add to your menu list! it was the best. Not too sweet or soupy, not overly crusty, JUST RIGHT. I’ll order it AGAIN.
— A special order for Stevie Wonder...
Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen: YVK has tackled far beyond better-for-you desserts. They offer vegan cheeses, superfood crackers, stunning fruit platters — basically everything you want to eat in life but in a healthier alternative. Of course, they’ve fully covered the healthier dessert category too with options such as vegan PB chocolate cake, thin mints, donuts — the list goes on & on. We’re slightly addicted to their vegan goatless black truffle cheese & chocolate chai cookies!
— PublicLivesSecretRecipes.com

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen & Honest Beauty

Jessica Alba requested Yvonne’s vegan cheeses & desserts for her Honest Beauty launch party.

Customized Dessert Bars For Your Next Themed Party

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