At Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen, we offer special order cakes.  Currently serving Los Angeles and Orange County regions.

Cake Flavors
We make chocolate, vanilla, and carrot cakes. Popular flavor combinations include chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries, triple chocolate cake, and vanilla cake with a hint of lemon, vanilla frosting, and berries; and carrot cake.

Cake Prices
4” Baby smash cake $37.50

6" 2-layered round cakes feed 6-8 people, $55
6" 3-layered round cakes feed 8-10 people, $60
8" 2-layered round cakes feed 12-16, $75
8" 3-layered round cakes feed 16-20 people, $85
10" 2-layered round cakes feed 20-25, $95
10” 3-layered round cakes feed 25-30, $110

9"X13" 2-layered rectangular cakes feed 30-35 people $120
9"X13" 3-layered rectangular cakes feed 40-50 people $130

Additional Items and info:
Organic Mixed Berries $15-20
Organic Strawberries $7-14
Flowers $10-15
Specialty cake design $15-30
(Depends on size of cake)
Carrot cakes are $10 extra

Delivery or Pickup
Delivery depends on location or can be picked up in Pasadena or Downtown LA.

Cake Orders
Please all for at least 1 week for cake orders and 2 weeks for specialty cakes.

Cake Order Request Form